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Black Out Blinds

Banish Light Leaks With Our Black-Out Blinds In The North East

Achieve Complete Privacy
If you are a shift worker or find there is too much light coming into your room at night, then black-out blinds are the perfect option for you. As the name suggests, black-out blinds completely block light from entering your room. You can discover a large range of top quality black-out blinds at Regency Blinds in the North East. All of our blinds can be made to measure to fit your exact specifications and every product comes with a rock solid 12-month guarantee.

Lock Out Light And Improve Your Energy Usage

Are you tired of putting up with too much light in your bedroom? Regency Blinds can make sure that you get a peaceful rest day or night with our highly effective black-out blinds. You can choose to have your black-out blinds made in any colour, size or shape style a variety of materials. Not only will black-out blinds stop any light from entering your rooms, they also have excellent insulation properties, which means they can even help to cut down on your heating and cooling costs! The team at Regency Blinds will come to your home for a no-obligation measure and quote. We operate throughout the North East.

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